Laser Therapy For Treating Ingrown Hair

But other times, it can lead to complications such as hair follicle infection. It often appears as a tan or a pink bump on the skin, with a visible layer of the hair strand underneath. An ingrown hair is not a complicated medical situation. However, it always tends to leave a disfiguring effect cosmetically.

Causes Of Ingrown Hair

  1. An Ingrown hair can occur when a hair with a sharp tip is cut too close to the follicular opening. It tends to pierce back into the skin, causing an ingrown hair.
  2. Poor shaving habits have also been identified as one of the major causes of ingrown hair.
  3. It can also occur naturally when the dead skin in the area blocks the follicle from opening. The hair, therefore, grows inside the skin as ingrown hair.

Common symptoms

The most prominent cause  δερματολογικό κέντρο of ingrown hairs is aggressive cutting or removal of the hair. Hence, if ingrown hair will occur, it is most likely to be in frequently shaved areas such as the face, neck, leg, armpits, or groin. Common symptoms include:

  • Tenderness and itching around the infected area
  • A pink or reddish pinpoint bump may appear at the spot.
  • Slightly visible hair strand inside the bump

Treatment And Preventions

Most times, ingrown hairs heal on their own after a short while. But on fewer occasions, ingrown hair can take longer to heal or may not even heal at all. This situation often raises a lot of concerns from the affected persons, and rightly so. If an ingrown hair stays longer than expected without showing signs of healing, you should consult your dermatologist immediately as it may lead to unwanted scars. There are specific preventions and treatments for this kind of situations, and they include:

  • An improved shaving habit
  • Antibiotics
  • Chemical Removals
  • DIY removals such as pulling and small incisions
  • Laser hair removal method

All methods can be useful if carried out properly, but the safest approach with lesser possible side effects is the laser hair removal method.

Laser Hair Removal Method

Since its initial introduction about three decades ago, dermatologists worldwide have widely accepted Laser hair removal. Today, it can be referred to as the most preferred method for removing hair strands, among other techniques. This laser treatme

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